Banff Canmore Community Foundation Moving Mountains Initiative

The Moving Mountains Initiative aims to strengthen collaboration across the Bow Valley’s civil society sector. Funded with $400,000 from the Province of Alberta’s Civil Society Fund, the Moving Mountains Initiative will enable organizations throughout the Bow Valley to collaboratively achieve greater impact. The Bow Valley’s civil society sector is comprised of over 200 formal and grassroots initiatives that weave with local and provincial government services to provide a web of highly valued support and opportunities. The Initiative will explore and develop new ways to generate funds for groups doing important work for the community, including social enterprises.

Project update November 2021

Register for the Jan 25th Speaker Series on Non-Profit Board Governance

Want to know more about board governance beyond the basics? Carolyn Campbell, President and CEO of NorQuest College, will be your guide as we explore topics including: board engagement, recruitment and membership management, skills matrix, and governance processes. Carolyn is also doing a doctorate in board governance of major arts museums and will talk about this work as well. This will be a valuable informative session for non-profit organizations with any type of board governance structure.

Crowdfunding for Alberta Non-Profits

Crowdfunding Alberta is a made-for-Alberta crowdfunding platform that makes it easier for donors to find non-profit organizations and initiatives to support, and connects Alberta’s non-profit organizations with a wider network of supporters. Until March 31st, the Government of Alberta is supporting Alberta’s non-profit sector with up to $1 million in top-up funding toward eligible campaigns while funds last. See the top-up eligibility page for details. 

Bow Valley Immigration Partnership
Multicultural Calendar

Learn about and celebrate important dates for different cultural groups in the Bow Valley with Bow Valley Immigration Partnership’s Multicultural Calendar. Home to 24,000 residents from over 60 countries, the Bow Valley is a diverse and vibrant community with a diverse range of important cultural celebrations. This calendar is designed to help you learn about and celebrate significant cultural dates that are important to Bow Valley locals from around the world.