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The Bow Valley Non-Profits Resource Library offers a long list of links to useful websites. The library is divided into category sections and within each category section are subsections. With so many great resources available to help non-profit organizations, the list below is fairly long. Take a quick look and see what’s available here now so you’ll know where to come next time you have a question or are looking for some direction.

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The Resource Library provides tools that local organizations have shared, as well as new, relevant and useful additions.

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Bow Valley Non-Profit Resources

General Non-Profit Resources

The websites listed below contain multiple categories of information and are considered particularly useful to non-profits. 

Useful E-letters

Sign-up to these Useful Non-Profit E-letters

Bow Valley Interagency E-letter

For community organizations and agencies throughout the Bow Valley to receive and share information on ‘social’ or ‘helping agency’ events, workshops and programs, as well as to keep members up to date on any changes to agency policies, offerings, staff changes or volunteer opportunities. To post in the e-letter, please email –  (it is the same e-mail in order for people to register to receive the e-letter and be invited to meetings).

Become a Non-Profit / Legal

It’s ok to be an informal group but, you should still have group rules, financial discussions, etc.


Society vs Charity

Starting a Non-Profit / Legal

Social Enterprises

Business Model / Planning


Board Development

Meeting Facilitation / Decision Making


Board Rules

Board Policy

Reviewing Bylaws

Annual Board Timelines & Tasks

Succession Planning

Types of Boards



Plain Language



Translation Services


Over 60 languages are spoken in the Bow Valley. Although many locals speak English as an additional language, use of translation (writing) and interpretation (speech) is the best way to ensure information is understood.


The Bow Valley Immigration Partnership is a coalition of people and organizations working to build more welcoming, inclusive, and equitable communities in the Bow Valley. BVIP can provide referrals to translation and interpretation services as well as a list of target languages. For assistance or more information, please contact


Communications Planning & Strategy



Elevator Speech



Social Media



Content Planning & Management




Planning an event in the Bow Valley?

Do you have event equipment to rent or lend out?  Get in Contact!

Financial Management / Grant Writing

Annual Returns/Reporting Responsibilities

Financial Statements/Balance Sheets

Financial Management

Grant Writing


Facebook Fundraising


HR Resources

Employee vs Contract

Board/Staff Relations & Roles



Leadership/Staff Management/ Supervision

Giving Feedback/Performance Reviews

Conflict Resolution

Strategic Planning

Create a Vision & Mission

Strategic Planning

Outcome Measurement/Evaluation