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In this informative guide to nonprofit marketing by MailChimp, learn how to use tools and resources to grow your nonprofit’s online presence and increase your impact among potential and existing supporters.

Open Source Online Archive of Non-Profit Operational Policies & Guidelines

A non-profit called the Leap is, unfortunately, closing its doors, but as part of its sunset plan, they’ve made all their policies open source so other non-profits can use/benefit from them.

“As part of our sunset process we’ve created an online archive of our operational policies and guidelines. There’s about 20 policies in here, plus supporting process documents and templates. Hoping they can be useful, and save some people some time.”

The policies are grouped in 5 categories:

  • CARE (helping staff access support, set boundaries, and manage conflict)
  • FINANCE (setting and managing our budget, and building financial literacy among team members)
  • HR MANAGEMENT (hiring, training, supervising, and evaluating employees)
  • STAFF GUIDELINES (creating clarity and consistency to help staff engage with operational decisions & processes)
  • STRUCTURE (clarifying our roles, responsibilities, and core job expectations)

Bow Valley Non-Profits What's New Blog Update