Non-Profit Vaccination Policies

Wondering how to craft a vaccination policy for your non-profit? Earlier this summer, Integralorg held an informative webinar providing legal perspectives on the occupational health and safety obligations of nonprofit employers with regards to COVID-19 and the employment and privacy implications of various vaccination policies. Watch the recording and view the presentation via the link. 

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Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) Annual Conference

“The 2021 Connections Conference looks to the year ahead and centres around Building Community Prosperity in Alberta.  Non-profits were on the frontlines of the pandemic and continue to play a crucial role in supporting communities throughout recovery. The conference will build on the pivotal contributions of the sector over the past year, and focus on how non-profits can work toward a more equitable and transformative recovery – one which includes all Albertans. Community leaders from across Alberta and Canada will host discussions on topics including reconciliation; advocacy; diversity, equity and inclusion; mental health; philanthropy; digital transformation; and youth engagement.”